For over ten years, Versusmind has assisted companies and organisations in designing and enhancing their digital architecture.

The technical skills of Versusmind are crucial, but they are not enough on their own without being guided, prior to implementation, by organisational considerations and reflection on governance: clients' needs must be understood and analysed before a solution relevant to them can be implemented.

Versusmind has expanded and refined its expertise, strengthening its teams, in order to coordinate skills for a strategic IT vision at the heart of its clients' value chain.

A new profession has emerged, and the creation of Versusconsulting is clear evidence of it.

For greater visibility, the Versusconsulting brand brings together all our strategic, organisational and operational consulting services:

  • Company strategy
  • Digital transition and innovation
  • Regulatory risks and compliance
  • Transformation of organisations
  • Steering and governance
  • Marketing Strategy and Data Intelligence

Versusconsulting has the attributes of your success: competence, reliability, agility and the ability to anticipate strategy and technology."

Benoît Koch, Chairman.


Versusmind also has three other entities dedicated to your requirements in the fields of digital architecture, training and e-health.



Discover the expertise of Versusmind at one of our 4 branches in France and Luxembourg.



Versusinstitute, powered by Versusmind, offers inter-company or intra-company training that is dynamic, complete and dense, in order to give auditors complete understanding and rapid autonomy in web and digital technologies.



Our experts use their skills in interconnecting health information systems to assist with your patient paths based on their knowledge of healthcare professions and their innovative methodologies.

Soon available to be discovered