Versusconsulting’s professional GDPR support

In addition to the appointment of a DPO, Versusconsulting provides you with support in order to guide you in your approach for achieving compliance.

Our offer

A responsibility-based approach

Versusconsulting’s GDPR support, which is adapted to small structures, engages you in a responsibility-based approach (as required by the GDPR) without necessarily requiring the mobilisation of major resources.

This formula, which is implemented by our legal and technical experts, enables you to draw up and monitor a roadmap for achieving compliance which is adapted to your enterprise, thereby enabling you to benefit from the advantages of implementing the GDPR (image, cybersecurity, etc.).

Our support offer

  • GDPR support, which is dedicated to small structures, involves:

    • A dedicated, available contact person who is supported by our experts
    • Personalised monitoring adapted to your structure (on-site and remotely)
    • An intervention report following any on-site visit
    • The benefits of a plan for achieving compliance (in terms of image or improving security status).

  • GDPR support formula

    • Dissemination of good legal and security practices
    • Spot audit of your GDPR environment
    • Technical and legal monitoring
    • General and personalised recommendations in terms of personal data protection
    • 1 day of support every six months or 2 hours per month for one year, namely 2 days a year
    • Everyday availability via a dedicated communication channel