Our GDPR solutions

Our experts combine mastery of the legal aspects, innovative methodologies and the business knowledge of our clients to guarantee you quality assistance and compliance with the GDPR.

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Advice and expertise


  • Around 5 days
  • Based on interviews (general management, quality management, business departments, CIO, CISO)
  • 162 general points 133 ISO monitoring techniques 27002
  • Assessment of compliance and maturity (industrialisation)
  • Recommendations on actions to be taken
  • ...

Assistance for compliance implementation

  • A 6-step procedure find out more
  • Training/awareness-raising
  • Mapping of processing and data
  • Risk analysis (PIA)
  • Assistance for the implementation of specific solutions
  • ISSP preparation
  • BCP/BRP preparation
  • Implementation of internal procedures
  • ...

Shared DPO, external DPO and internal DPO

  • Mapping of personal data
  • Processing registry management
  • Consent register management
  • Management of contracts (in case of processing with multiple actors)
  • Interface of the regulatory body

Our turnkey solutions


A processing and consent management platform

  • Centralised application of processing management
  • Purpose
  • Legal basis
  • Actors
  • Data used
  • BCP/BRP preparation
  • Duration of data storage
  • ...
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