Call on Versusconsulting’s outsourced DPOs

A whole team for fulfilling your compliance needs

Thereby enabling you to fulfil your obligations when it comes to appointing a DPO and dynamising your approach for achieving compliance with the GDPR.

You will benefit from a single contact person, supported by a team of experts who hold two-fold expertise in both information systems security and management of legal aspects. They will carry out their functions on a fully independent basis.

Versusconsulting has developed 3 support offers adapted to your needs and moving forward in terms of achieving compliance.

Our outsourced DPO offering

  • Our DPO takes on 4 fundamental missions :

    • Providing information and support to the Processing Manager
    • Checking application of the GDPR
    • GDPR-related advice and documentation
    • CNIL (French data protection authority) co-operation and support An on-site presence
  • Our intervention methodology

    • An on-site presence
    • Post-intervention reports
    • A dedicated communication channel
  • Standard Support

    • Intervention involving:

      1 day a month

      (namely 12 days a year)

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  • Enhanced Support

    • Intervention involving:

      1 day a week
      for 6 months

      and then 1 day a month
      (namely 30 days a year)

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  • Premium Support

    • Intervention involving:

      2 days a week
      for 6 months

      and then 1 day a month
      for 6 months
      (namely 54 days a year)

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Our options

  • Options for the Outsourced DPO offerings

    • Holding training sessions for your staff and your sector managers
    • Making available a DPO during a period of intense activity, in the event of an audit,
      or product development requiring his intervention as a “Booster DPO”
    • Making our Central Consent Manager solution available - A processing and consents management platform
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Mandatory appointment of a DPO

The GDPR requires the appointment of a DPO for:

  • Public institutions and bodies,
  • Enterprises and bodies whose activities leads them to implement large-scale processing and processing providing regular, systematic monitoring of the people concerned,
  • For organisations managing special data categories (offences and criminal sentences).

Voluntary appointment of a DPO

Apart from the mandatory appointment scenario, having a DPO is always strongly recommended by the various control authorities (CNIL), particularly in order to facilitate any approach for achieving compliance.

Our Outsourced DPO offering for the purpose of responding to voluntary appointments enables you to :

  • Engage in a comprehensive approach for ensuring compliance and securing your information systems.
  • Benefit from advice and support based on new data protection concepts.

Our support methodology

An intervention based on agile methodology, depending on the level of support selected, and focused on the following orientations:

  1. 1

    An initial phase focused on an inventory of your compliance in order to prioritise your actions for achieving compliance

  2. 2

    A second long-term phase for conducting your compliance approach

  3. 3

    Drawing up reports following each intervention, enabling you to have a roadmap that is continually up to date and which is adapted to your enterprise

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